Monthly Archives: October 2012

Take That Plunge


What have you always wanted to do? Have you done it yet? If not, what stopped you? I’m pleading with you to not hesitate a second longer,  take that plunge!  Life is too short. Don’t waste another day, hour, minute, or second, procrastinating or doubting yourself and your abilities.  How many times have you  talked YOURSELF out of  the one thing that you really  wanted to do?  Did you convince yourself that you can’t learn Salsa dancing or travel because you’re overweight and single? Did you talk yourself out of opening that business because everyone said it would be crazy to open anything during these hard economic times, even though people are opening businesses everyday? Are you listening to the world and ignoring that inner voice that is telling you that take that plunge?

Last month, I decided to practice what I preach.  I  have always wanted to travel to Europe, particularly Paris, and have always talked myself out of it.  I had a million excuses;  it’s too dangerous; I can’t speak the language; what if something happens? Blah, blah, blah.  But this  year I ran out of excuses and  something told me, “It’s now or never, girl!”  And that inner voice kept telling me, “You need to go there, something good is waiting there for you.” So, I took the plunge and will travel to Paris in Spring 2013.  Once I made that decision, the fear left, and excitement took its place.  Practically everyday, I think about all the places that I plan on visiting, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Erotic Museums, Moulin Rouge, Champs-Elysees, and Montmartre.  I think about sampling French wine and pastries, and buying some really nice French lingerie. I have even learned a couple of words in French!  And of course, I plan on documenting my trip through pictures and prose. In case you didn’t know, Paris and African-Americans share a rich history.  From the 1920’s to the 194o”s , African-American entertainers, musicians, artists, and writers, performed and became expatriates.  Many found acceptance there that they could not find at home.

Take that plunge! Just do it!  Live the life that you have always wanted, because life is not a dress rehearsal.  You only get one shot to do it right!  Until next time, au revoir!