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School Days at Sandy Hook Elementary


Twenty six innocent human beings were taken away yesterday for a reason none of us will never fully understand or know, because the person that is responsible is also gone. Twenty children and six adults were cheated out of their future yesterday by a madman at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  A massacre at any school boggles the mind but an elementary school is unfathomable!  Schools used to be a safe haven, but no more. What kind of hatred can you carry in your heart to literally mow down a classroom full of kindergartners?  America has seen its share of tragedies within the last fifteen years; Columbine, Virginia Tech, 911, Colorado Movie Massacre, and the recent Oregan mail shootings a few days ago.  Why are our young people so angry?  How did we fail them and  what makes them want to go and do such horrendous things to themselves and others?

I don’t have any children, but you don’t have be a parent to feel loss. I mourn the loss of innocence that those little ones faced as they looked in the eyes of the gunman and for their fellow classmates who heard and saw things that no one much less a child should ever see.  My heart goes out to the parents, friends, spouses, and families of the victims as well as those of the children that survived because they have the daunting task of having to explain to their children what happened and try to make sense of it all.

Some say, guns don’t kill people; people kill people, and that a gun by itself cannot do any harm unless it is placed in the wrong hands.  Well, why don’t we hold the legislators that we put in office accountable for the guns that get in the wrong hands, as well as gun sellers? Yes, the Second Amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms, but that law was passed during a time when there were no Glocks, Uzis, and video games, music, and movies that glorify violence. All of us, but especially our young people are fed a steady stream of violence from the media, that can’t help but go into the recesses of the subconscious and linger there if there are no positive images and lessons given to replace them.  Parents, you have to take back your right to discipline and parent, because time-outs aren’t working. And since you pay the bills, you should control what is watched in your home and bought with your money.  And all of us have to put pressure on the legislature to toughen the gun laws in spite of the NRA and other powerful gun lobbyists.  This is an issue that crosses socio-economic and racial backgrounds, this is an issue than affects us all as human beings.  To date, there have been 514 homicides this year in Chicago and 26 occurred in one day in Newtown, Connecticut. We are all vulnerable, and no one is safe as this horrendous incident has shown.  America, we must do something and quickly!