W.E.H. (In Memoriam)


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since your beautiful voice was silenced. February 11, 2012. My beautiful, fallen, tragic angel who soared to the stratosphere but crashed and burned.  What did they expect? You were only human.  Did someone clip your beautiful wings or was the world just too much for such a gentle spirit? It’s hard to be perfect in an imperfect world. Just ask Michael or Marilyn.

You were my girl, my sister-friend, who I never met but felt like I knew. You were every woman and we shared in your struggles  We are all trying to live, love, and accept ourselves.  And don’t we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are? You weren’t afraid to share your strengths or your vulnerabilities. You fell many times, but you got back up and put your best foot forward. And isn’t that all any of us can really do?

We were rooting for you Nippy, hoping for another comeback not just in the music world, but in life.  We hoped the Voice would once again soar to the heavens without cracking, but even if it did, we just hoped you wouldn’t. We hoped that you would start your second act like Lena, Liza, Tina, or Josephine did.

You didn’t know it then,  but you helped me through some tough times, when I was waiting to exhale, or didn’t know my own strength.  Through song, you told me it’s not right but it’s okay, and I was going to make it anyway, and that the greatest love of all lived inside of me.  How I wish you would have taken that to heart yourself, and believed in the power of you.

I’ve been playing your songs today and it feels like you’ve never left.  When I need strength or inspiration,  I listen to I Look to You.  When you sang that song, I know you must have looked to the heavens and saw the beauty and felt the strength that is the Creator, because it comes through in that song like a beacon. Your voice  sounds  so powerful and flawless, and it exclaims, “I’m back!” You didn’t know your own strength, but we did and through your music  you will continue to help others find theirs.  Your life was not  a cautionary tale, it was a lesson that taught just how human we really are.

Rest in peace, Whitney Elizabeth Houston,  I will always love you.


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