Your Addiction is Not Just Yours Alone


Addiction does not just affect the addict, but those around them. Those who love an addict sometimes suffer more than the addict and is often the one left with picking up the pieces. And I’m not just talking about a drug addicts either. They are many  types of addictions, and they all take control of you  in one form or another and affects those closet to you. There is a person I care about who is an alcoholic and has been for as long as I have known her. She has a good heart but she can be quite vicious when drunk.  Not physically but emotionally.  Her words cut deeper than any double-edged sword and can rip you to shreds with criticism and a sharp tongue. Her family worries about her constantly, but she seems oblivious to that.  She ignores their pleas to get help, and instead tells them, “Take care of yourself” or ” Mind your own business not mine!”  Part of it, I guess, is that she is trying to hold on to her independence. But the older she gets the worse she gets and it has affected her children in ways that she or they can’t even imagine. It is always worse for the children because they carry the scars that sometimes never heals and they sometimes inflict new wounds onto to their own children.  Addiction is far-reaching and is a selfish act, because ultimately the addict is only concerned with self-gratification; getting that next fix of ___________, and the world be damned! So, the next time, say a prayer not only for the addict but for the other victims, the ones that love them.

Your pain is my pain. Your sorrow is my sorrow.  What affects you, also affects me.


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