While the Dialogue Continues


While the dialogue continues, keep your humanity. Anger can be used for good or bad; victory or defeat. Use it for change or destruction, the choice is yours. Do you remember Emmet Till? His tragic death became a catalyst for the civil rights movement.

Continue the dialogue but, let’s offer solutions, not generate discord.

Continue the dialogue, but instead of causing further separation, let’s come together and map out a plan. Separation is what brought us to this point.

Continue the dialogue, but remember that there are good and bad people in every race, and at times like this, it’s important to remember the good folks. Judging, condemnation, and stereotyping do not aid, they only hinder the cause.  I realized that as I sat last night reading posts and watching the news.

While the dialogue continues, I will start with me and follow Mahatma Gandhi’s advice to be the change that I want to see in the world. Who is willing to join me?


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