Don’t Wait to Use the Good Dishes


I have a set of beautiful teacups and saucers that were given to me by mother and they have sat in the cupboard for years  collecting dust because I was saving them for a special occasion that still hasn’t come yet. Recently, I saw them and thought, You may die without ever using these and they are just too beautiful to waste.  Use them now. Why are you waiting for a special occasion? You are the special occasion! Then I was like, yeah, you’re right!  So, I took a teabag and made myself a  proper cup of ginger peach green  tea.

What are you saving for a special occasion?  Don’t delay any longer, use it.  Believe that you are worthy of the finer things in life. Believe that you are worthy, period.  Make yourself feel sexy by wearing that lingerie or  pretty red dress.  Have a  private toast and enjoy the warmth of that fine cognac sliding down your throat.  Savor the taste of that Godiva Chocolate.  Let the fact that you woke up this morning healthy and strong be a cause for celebration.  Don’t deprive yourself of the blessings and gifts that have come your way.  We often overlook  the most important and most beautiful things because instead of focusing on the here and now, we’re too busy looking  off in the distance, waiting for something that may never come.  Don’t wait any longer, use the good dishes!


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  1. That was the best message that I have read on this page. I totally agree with you. We need to celebrate ourselves…we are special! Thanks for that message.

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