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Nelson Mandela: A Man for the Ages


Freedom often comes at a price and Nelson Mandela paid dearly.  Today his debt was marked “paid in full” and he is now at rest. The price he paid was not just for Mother Africa but for Mother Earth. Through him, the world learned how valuable freedom is and how costly it can be to achieve it. Twenty-seven years he sat in a cell, while his oppressors continued to fuel apartheid. For 27 years, they tried to break him and crush his spirit, but wrong cannot kill right, and a Higher Power had other plans.  By keeping him imprisoned they thought the dream would die, but as long as the desire is there, it lives.

What an extraordinary man and as President Obama said today, “A man for the ages.” Only an extraordinary man could endure what he did and not hate his oppressors.  Only an extraordinary man can stand in his truth in the face of  insurmountable odds, and overcome them to become even greater than he was before. Don’t think it’s possible, just read about Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King,  and Malcolm X.

Even though he is gone, his legacy lives on.  When you hear the world freedom, he will come to mind.  When you hear the world unity, he will come to mind, and when you hear the word peace, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela will come to mind. Freedom fighter, husband, father, son, friend, African, teacher, prisoner, President, world leader, humanitarian, and a man who stood for something that benefited us all. He changed the world and you can too.  RIP, Mr. Mandela.